The Cosmos operation team is tasked to manage and provide both storage and calculation for Cosmos. They have a set of figures to track their productivity from multiple aspects. These include operational figures such as client requests for extensions, replications, and data movement, as well as utilization figures for system resources.
Manual process that required 5 hours per week
The team were issuing a variety of manual queries against multiple subsystems (sql, team foundation, email, and cosmos internal structures), analyzing the data, and computing metrics through excel.
Client Year Region Deliverables
Microsoft 2015 USA Internal monitoring of storage allocation and maintenance operations
Using the AdaptCore platform, the process of querying data was automated. Analysis was done using the insights capabilities of the platform to automatically generate the metrics including trends. Additionally, using AdaptCore's powerful data analysis engine, the team was quickly able to identify SLA violations as well as performance outliers.

Implemented projects