The Cosmos operation team is tasked to manage and provide both storage and calculation for Cosmos. They have a set of figures to track their productivity from multiple aspects. These include operational figures such as client requests for extensions, replications, and data movement, as well as utilization figures for system resources.
Ulmart is one of the largest private e-commerce company in Russia, with a marketing network that covers more than 400 outlets in 240 cities countrywide. Besk was tasked with developing Ulmart eShopping system.
Choosic is an easy to use media player with daily music recommendations and free music listening. Besk developed a unique application and achieve stability in its working.
No Halftime is a mobile application that allows you and your friends to bet on your favorite sports stars in fantasy matches and win real money.
Seasons of life is a global project in which creative people from all over Moscow were participated. It includes a printed edition, online lessons and master classes on creativity for adults and children, a blog and a local event guide.
World Hyundai is a benefit program which was created for Hyundai clients to help them to collect bonuses and get prizes.
Bloombees is the best decision for medium and small merchants who want to share and sell products via social networks.
One of the most popular and powerful music player for Android with many built-in features. This application has more than 50 min+ downloads worldwide.
Marathonbet is a huge betting portal where you can bet on sports, cybersport matches or casinos.
It is the best tool for easy connectivity wich help to eliminate the "search process" and communicate with people in different business situation.
CKitchen is the one of most popular shop's app which help you to find and buy the best foodservice equipment in North America such as ovens, refrigerators, bar equipment, ranges etc.
Know WWI is the first mobile guide app about World War I. It helps you to know and honor those who lived, worked and died during World War I. It shows commemorative events, tells "On this Day" history and more.
Oudermatch will help you to find a babysitter near you with one click. This application has more than 600K users in Europe.
See how Targetprocess helps companies to succeed with project management and provide better visibility into various areas.
Want to spend an active weekend? Check out Gearlope's website. You can rent any gear or make a few bucks for your gear.
You might have seen posters #NMD Color Boost in Moscow with mysterious numbers on them. Watch the video and find out what was it all about.
Qiwi | Social
An innovative resource for people to hang on and watch-discuss-place bets on Cyber Championships - Dota, League of Legends, StarcCraft and way more. Started with just a betting feed the resource now boasts a chat, communities, live streaming, game reviews, championship history. Even more ambitious plans are on the way.